Magazín Playing Together

Vytvořeno: 1.10.2012 | Autor: Dominika Kalichová
Typ článku: International CIOFF®

Let’s…Playing Together!!!

Playing Together is a Magazine dedicated to Traditional Games managed by CIOFF® Youth. It is printed once at year and distributed to National Youth Commissions and NSs during the General Assemblies. The idea born in 2008 during the youth Meeting in Istanbul and the year after it became reality!! In 2011 Playing Together arrived to its third edition and it was translated in the 3 official languages of CIOFF®.
The magazine is a collection of workshops on popular games all over the world, during the festivals, or during school particular lessons dedicated to traditional culture.
During the past 3 years many youth national commissions sent articles to YCC and, thanked to the Ad Hoc WG for Translation, we had the opportunity to print it in English, Spanish and French.
For 2012 CIOFF® Youth decided to dedicate the 4th edition to Folkloriada, or better said, to the “Games Days” on Folkloriada! Five days of that huge event will be dedicate to traditional and popular games of the world. CIOFF® South Korea gave us full support to develop this very interesting project and the Folkloriada Committee guaranteed to some members of YCC and other youth volunteers the chance to work before and during Folkloriada! It is one of most important project Youth get in the past 2 years and we are very grateful to CIOFF® Korea to give us such opportunity!

Irene Pimpinella
YCC President