"European Folk Dance Festival" in Adana, TURECKO

Vytvořeno: 13.6.2006 | Autor: Mgr. Magdaléna Maňáková
Typ článku: Zahraniční festivaly

Dear respected friends,

We would like to invite you "European Folk Dance Festival" in Adana, is 450 km far from ANKARA, in Mediterranaean Region- Turkey, in 4-10 September.

This festival is going to be organized by AFDAG, Adana Chamber of Commerce and Its EU Information Office.

As a AFDAG (Anatolia Folk Dance Youth Association), we organized more festival in ANKARA, capital city of TURKEY. You can find the detailed information in our WEB page, www.afdag.org

Only EU countries will be participated. May be one or two non - EU countries can be participated as a guest.

All preparations have already been completed such as accomodation, meals etc. 

And also Organization will pay a pocket money for participants for 5 days.

You can find the invitation letter as attached.

Could you please inform us regarding with your decision asap.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Best regards,

Festival Committee



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