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Vytvořeno: 13.6.2006 | Autor: Mgr. Magdaléna Maňáková
Typ článku: Zahraniční festivaly

Dear Friends,

I ask you to send me the confirmation if you are interested to send one of your group to take part in our the First International Folklore Festival in Bukovel - (Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine) which will be held from 5-9 of July, 2006. It´s a beautiful, mountain and touristic locality. I send you a website of this touristic locality, and you can look through it: www.bukovel.com



Rules of participation

1. The International festival "Ivana Kupala in "Bukovel"" (hereafter "Festival") takes place annually in July in TC "Bukovel" (Ukraine).


2. The programme of the Festival includes:
? Indoor and outdoor concerts;
? Parades;
? Holy mess;
? Traditional trade;
? Parties of friendship;
? Beauty contest "Miss "Bukovel"".

3. The festival is not of a competitive character.

4. The participants of the festival are the defined by the National Section CIOFF and the organizing committee of the festival folk groups, which represent the authentic, elaborated or stylized folklore of their countries.

5. Every group must prepare the concert program of the duration:
? 30 min. - for the outdoor concerts;
? 10 min. - for the opening ceremony;
? 10 min. - for the closing ceremony;
? 4-5 min. - for the parade;
? 2x15 min. - for the indoor concerts.

6. Maximum number (including drivers, directors, etc.) – 30 persons.

7. During the Festival the groups must participate in all the Festival events.

8. The Festival provides accommodation, meals, first medical aid, local transport services. The Festival is not responsible for any kind of broking up of the group´s own transport.

9. The getting of the Visas are on the side of the group. If any problems appear, you should contact the Festival.

10. The group must provide the medical insurance by itself.

11. The group must bring two national flags.

12. The confirmation is a participation card, that is to be sent to the management committee until the 15-th of June 2006.

13. The group must also send promotive materials, 2 colour photos, videotape, etc.

14. The group must confirm their participation not later than 1 March 2006.

Director of the Festival                           Vasyl Volochiy


Address: Ivano-Frankivsk region
Town Council o f Yaremche
Polyanytsya village
Tourist complex "Bukovel"
Mailing address: "Park tur" ltd.
6, Viyskovyh Veteraniv st.
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Ukraine 76019
Tel  +38 0342 559546


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