Cooperative Arabesque d´art et culture, ALŽÍR

Vytvořeno: 4.5.2006 | Autor: Mgr. Magdaléna Maňáková
Typ článku: Zahraniční soubory

Cooperative ARABESQUE d´art et culture                                                      

Mr;the director
Of the international festival

cité 1500 logement bt t4 n*648

sidi-bel-abbes 22000


fax / 213-48-56-57-27

motive / 213-73-84-01-49

Object / demand of participation Sir;
I come respectfully your to seek from your high indeed veillance to grant my demand of participation.
Sir, it is a big honor for us to participate with your in the next international festival international dance and music 2006.

our participation contributes has the creation of an atmosphere of fete and of amitie and for a consolidation of we told association.

Sir, we want to make see again revise and proumovoir we traditions and we music and dance in big public.

Please Approve Sir the ____  expression of my profonds respects.



NB / The COOPERATIVE is a set of art:musique a classic, modern music, mixed music, singing(song) choir, folklore, theatre, art plstique, literature ............................. etc