Dětský folk. festival "Raiduga nad Dniprom", UKRAJINA

Vytvořeno: 4.5.2006 | Autor: Mgr. Magdaléna Maňáková
Typ článku: Zahraniční festivaly

Dear CIOFF Friends,

Today i spoke with the director of the festival from Dnipropetrovsk. He wanted my help to find the groups for the VI International Children Dance - Festival "Raiduga nad Dniprom" which will be held from 17-22 of May, 2006 in Dnipropetrovsk-Ukraine.

The Festival Committee offers: accomodation, food, medical insurance, transport during the festival.

The group should come on our fetsival with the own travel expenses. The age of participants is 10-16. The groups will live in two-floor trunk on the touristic inn "Sosnovui Bor".

The group should bring two own flags. The programme of performing must be for 5, 10 and 15 minutes.

If you are interested to take part in our festival please give us answer, as soon as possible. The arrival is 17 of May and Departure - 22 of may.

I send you coordinates, where you should send the all materials of the group including fotos:

email: market@dneproshina.dp.ua;

Tel/Fax: 38-0562-96-40-55,

Tel: 38-0562-96-40-53, 38-050-941-30-19

Director of the festival - Iruna Buzickova.



Yuriy Voynarovskyy

President of the Ukrainian Section CIOFF